14 Best AI Design Software Tools in 2023

Delving into the world of graphic design, we quickly acknowledge its significance in marketing strategies. Yet, we can’t ignore the intensive resources it often demands.

What if I told you graphic design is becoming possible with the accelerating progression of artificial intelligence (AI)? Yes, AI is now revolutionising the digital marketing landscape.

Companies are already harnessing AI’s power to streamline processes and accelerate goal attainment. Moreover, AI is becoming adept at performing creative tasks, such as design, swiftly and efficiently, making life a tad simpler for designers.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to some exceptional AI tools for design that enable you to craft professional-grade assets in a jiffy.

Getting Acquainted with AI Graphic Design Tools

AI, by emulating human intelligence processes within machines and automated systems, equips computers to carry out tedious tasks, thereby allowing us humans to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Consequently, the desire for AI integrations in professional spaces is experiencing an upward trend. It’s estimated that by 2025, the AI software market will have surged to a whopping $791.5 billion in revenue.

AI’s reach is swiftly expanding into the design domain. In graphic design, AI optimises work processes, augments creative assets, and scrutinises customer preferences.

AI tools for graphic design are fine-tuned to discern your visual asset requirements and deliver them with a simple click, making them an absolute boon for marketers who might lack a design background.

Why Should You Choose an AI Graphic Design Tool?

Reduced Manual Labour

Nearly 18% of marketers confessed to spending over 20 hours weekly on creating visual content in a recent survey. By providing design suggestions and enhancing your work automatically, AI graphic design tools can significantly lighten this burden. They can even recommend design variants, doing away with repetitive chores such as background removal and mockup creation.

Auto-generate a Variety of Designs

When asked about the design workflow they’d most like to automate, marketers selected the auto-generation of diverse design types. AI tools can create several versions of graphics based on your taste, needs, and prior designs. These tools can also devise unique and alternate renditions of visual assets without jeopardising your brand’s authenticity.

Infuse Design with Data

AI can aid in analysing your audience’s profile and propose designs grounded in that information. Certain AI tools can also identify top-performing designs and usability metrics that align with your brand. This enhances design personalisation and boosts user engagement. You can then pick a design from the AI-suggested ones, run an A/B test, and see how your audience reacts.

Key Features of a Top AI Design Tool

User-friendly Interface

A large number of designers and content creators begin their journey without a design background. Hence, an AI graphic design tool that’s easy to navigate and requires little to no prior knowledge is a godsend. Many AI tools provide intuitive navigation, making them ideal for beginners.

High-Quality Design Assets

A Venngage survey highlighted that consistent content generation was the most challenging aspect of creating engaging visuals. A top-notch graphic design tool should assist you in not only creating a variety of stunning visual assets, but also captivating your audiences and professionally presenting your brand.

Innovative Tools

According to 36% of marketers, original graphics are the most popular type of visual content. Moreover, these were the best-performing visuals in 2021. Hence, AI tools capable of stimulating creativity and performing various tasks to let you concentrate on ideation can be a game-changer.

Optimisation Across Devices

Around 41% of content creators generate visual content two to five times per week. An effective AI graphic design tool should facilitate easy creation and editing of artwork from any platform or device. Some tools enable you to modify your designs with just a tap, allowing you to repurpose content across lots of channels and share it on the move.

14 Best AI Design Tools:

1) Canva: Versatile AI-powered Designing


Canva, a popular choice amongst design tools, provides a compelling alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud and caters to designers of all expertise levels. Its extensive array of pre-designed templates, user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, and vast collection of royalty-free images allows users to create an array of designs – from social media posts, videos, and presentations, to brochures and drawings. Unknown to many, Canva is packed with numerous AI-based design tools.

Key Features

Canva comes with a multitude of features:

  • AI Design Tools: Enabling rapid graphics creation for multiple platforms.
  • Pre-existing Templates: Wide selection to choose from, depending on the user’s need.
  • Magic Design: An AI-based tool that generates templates based on text prompts, helping expedite the design process.
  • Magic Edit: This AI tool allows users to erase and replace parts of an image based on text prompts.
  • Additional AI Tools: Tools like Magic Erase and an AI-driven copywriting assistant are also available. Additionally, the Translate feature supports text conversion in over 100 languages.

Best Suited For

Canva is an excellent choice for individuals with limited design skills, enabling them to create, edit, download, and publish their designs on various platforms. Given its impressive suite of new AI design tools, Canva is worth exploring.


Canva offers a free plan, while pro plans start at $119.99 per year, per person.

2) Adobe Sensei: An AI Boost for Your Creativity

Adobe sensei


Introduced by Adobe in 2016, Adobe Sensei is an AI tool designed to enhance creative assets, speed up business operations, and provide deeper marketing insights. This potent combination of AI and machine learning technology is all about helping businesses to work faster and smarter. Designers can then focus more on ideating, creating, and engaging with their clients.

Key Features

Adobe Sensei’s feature set includes:

  • Automated Forms Conversion: Streamline data capture and digitisation.
  • Business and Real-time Intelligence: Stay informed and make data-driven decisions.
  • Content Creation and Intelligence: Craft high-quality content with the help of AI.
  • Image Discovery and Manipulation: Unearth and fine-tune images easily.
  • One-to-one Marketing Personalization: Target your marketing with laser precision.
  • Workflow Automation: Speed up your work processes significantly.


The pricing details for Adobe Sensei are available upon request from the vendor.


  • Seamless integration with various software
  • Comprehensive and high-quality design features
  • Features accessible across most Adobe programs


  • Primarily aimed at design professionals
  • Not included in Adobe Creative Cloud

3) Uizard: The AI-Powered Prototyping Tool

Uizard website


Starting its journey as a machine learning research project in 2017, Uizard has grown into an AI-powered prototyping tool that currently boasts over 400,000 users and sees more than 8,000 user-created projects every week. Its mission? To democratize design and help both designers and non-designers alike to create interactive digital products.

Key Features

The key features of Uizard include:

  • Rapid Product Prototyping and Ideation: Quick and efficient way to bring your ideas to life.
  • Digital Product Wireframing: Lay out the structure of your digital product.
  • Pre-made and Personalized Templates: A range of design starting points to suit your needs.
  • Real-time Design Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with your team.
  • AI-Powered Design Assistant: Get the design help you need, when you need it.


Uizard offers three pricing tiers, including a free option. The Pro2 tier is priced at $15/month (or $12/month if billed annually), and the Enterprise tier is priced at $39/month (billed annually).


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast collaboration capabilities
  • No need for software installation
  • Dependable customer service


  • A single misclick can disrupt the entire design
  • Limited export options
  • Drag and drop feature can be slightly unwieldy

4) DreamStudio: AI-driven Image Generation

DreamStudio website


DreamStudio, an innovative AI design tool, leverages Stable Diffusion – an energy-efficient text-to-image model that optimizes image creation. The product of this technology is a stunning array of AI-generated images, ranging from photorealistic to artistic styles. DreamStudio’s distinguishing feature is its ability to edit and upscale images through various enhancement methods, such as fine detail preservation, sharpness enhancement, and artifact and distortion reduction.

Key Features

DreamStudio offers an array of capabilities:

  • Stable Diffusion Utilization: This feature allows efficient generation, editing, and downloading of images.
  • Image Quality: Generates high-quality images in less than 2 seconds.
  • Style Presets: Various presets facilitate the generation of different image styles.

With DreamStudio, users can start with a strong prompt, add negative prompts to guide the AI on what to avoid, and even upload and enhance their own images using prompts.

Best Suited For

DreamStudio is an excellent source of artistic inspiration. Despite the abstract nature of most images, it can yield stunning results that may stretch beyond the limits of the user’s imagination.


DreamStudio is available for free, with an option of purchasing 1000 credits for $10.

5) Adobe Firefly: Transforming Design with AI

Adobe Firefly website


Adobe, a household name amongst creative professionals, presents Adobe Firefly, their latest AI-infused design software. Still in its beta stage, Firefly includes a suite of AI design tools that can generate spectacular text effects, transform text into images, and recolor vectors to create diverse color variations. Presently, Firefly is available to Adobe cloud program subscribers, such as Illustrator or Photoshop users.

Key Features

Adobe Firefly comes with several impressive features:

  • Text-to-Image Transformation: Transforms text prompts into stunning images.
  • Text Effects: Creates a wide array of text effects based on text prompts.
  • SVG Recoloring: Allows recoloring of SVGs to create color variations.

The text effect generator, one of Firefly’s standout features, allows users to create a range of text effects using a text prompt. Similarly, the text-to-image feature uses text prompts to generate visually stunning images. Adobe’s text-to-speech generator also offers customization options, allowing users to adjust various aspects of the generated output to meet their creative needs.

Best Suited For

Adobe Firefly is a promising tool for dedicated Adobe users. Despite its beta status, the software is continually improved, and we anticipate that its current restrictions on commercial use of generated images will be lifted once officially released.


Adobe Firefly pricing starts at $20.99 per month.

6) Jasper.ai: Your Personal AI Art Generator

Jasper.ai website


Jasper.ai has truly made a name for itself as a cutting-edge AI art generator. Imagine having an AI tool that crafts unique images and photos in mere seconds based on your prompts. And what’s more, the images it creates are high-resolution 2K and come with a royalty-free commercial use license. No more scouring for stock images or spending countless hours creating images yourself!

Key Features

Here are some standout features of Jasper.ai:

  • Boss Mode: Up your game with enhanced access to features.
  • Chrome Extensions: Seamlessly integrate and utilise the tool.
  • Business Features: Ideal for all your professional needs.
  • Jasper Chat: Interact and explore with the AI.
  • Surfer SEO Integration: Enhance your SEO game.


Starting at just $24/month per user, Jasper.ai also provides a 5-day free trial. Customised plans cater to enterprises and during the trial period, you can generate up to 200 images without spending a penny.


  • Aids in swift content creation
  • User-friendly interface
  • High degree of usage flexibility
  • Impressive Boss Mode
  • Native Grammarly support


  • Requires research
  • Extra charges may apply for plagiarism detection
  • May produce low-quality content
  • Technical subjects might be a challenge

7) Designs.ai: Making Design Accessible

Designs.si website


Designs.ai, a web-based design tool, is on a mission to make design accessible to everyone. Regardless of your design proficiency, Designs.ai promises to help you build your marketing portfolio in less than two minutes! With its smart editor and wizard tool, it also saves you from the often tedious process of brainstorming design ideas.

Key Features

Here’s what makes Designs.ai shine:

  • Assistive Tools: Help to streamline your design process.
  • Brand Identity Package: Everything you need to establish your brand visually.
  • Color Matcher: Achieve consistent colouring across your designs.
  • Font Pairer: Easily pair fonts to achieve harmonious typography.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics: Ensure your designs look sharp across all sizes.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitate teamwork on design projects.
  • Unlimited Downloads: Get unlimited access to your design work.


Designs.ai offers a Basic plan starting at $29/month, a Pro plan at $69/month, and an Enterprise plan which is customised to suit your specific needs.


  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Compatibility across multiple browsers and devices
  • No need for software installation


  • Absence of a mobile app
  • Website speed can be sluggish at times

8) Fronty: Your AI Assistant for Webpage Coding

Fronty website


Fronty is an innovative AI tool that utilizes machine learning to generate source codes from user-uploaded images, essentially offering a fresh approach to creating websites. Backed by over two decades of front-end experience, Fronty leverages 11 technology products and services, including HTML5 and Google Analytics.

Key Features

Fronty’s feature set includes:

  • AI-Powered Image-to-Code Converter: Transform your design images into working code.
  • Online Layout Editor: Fine-tune your webpages directly online.
  • Website Hosting: Conveniently host your site with Fronty.
  • Custom Domain: Have your unique space on the web.
  • Customized Bootstrap Theme: Personalize your site’s appearance.
  • Sassy Cascading Style Sheets: Use powerful CSS extension language.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Make sure your website gets found.


Fronty provides a free tier and two premium pricing options: Pro at $4.52/month and Advanced at $9/month.


  • Generated codes are 100% W3C valid and ISO/IEC compliant
  • High level of customer service uptime (95%)
  • Diverse selection of templates to choose from


  • Still in its developmental phase
  • HTML processing can be lengthy

9) Khroma: The AI-Based Color Guru

Khroma website


Khroma, created by multi-disciplinary designer George Hastings, is an AI-based color combination generator born out of a need for an accessible tool for browsing and comparing color combinations. Khroma uses your selection of colors and thousands of human-made color palettes across the internet to draw inspiration.

Key Features

Key features of Khroma include:

  • Color Search Option: Find the exact hue you need.
  • Infinite Combinations and Viewing Options: Explore countless color palettes.
  • Personalized Algorithm: Get color combinations tailored to your taste.
  • Search and Filter: Easily navigate through a world of colors.
  • Unlimited Favorites Library: Keep all your preferred colors in one place.


Khroma is a free-to-use AI graphic design tool.


  • Ability to search for colors using various parameters
  • Unlimited color combinations
  • Straightforward, user-friendly design


  • The extensive color selection can be overwhelming
  • The infinite scroll UI might be too much for some users

10) MidJourney: Generating Realistic AI Images

MidJourney website


MidJourney, our next AI design tool, harnesses a unique approach to churn out AI-generated images. Initially developed on Discord, MidJourney has established itself as a leading AI image generator despite its chaotic interface and high volume of concurrent users.

Key Features

Key offerings from MidJourney include:

  • Server-Based Operation: Operates on the Discord server.
  • Diverse Image Creation: Can create a wide variety of images.
  • Image Creation with AI: Capable of producing highly realistic images using AI, provided users exercise patience and subscribe for optimal results.

Best Suited For

MidJourney is a top choice for creative projects that demand high levels of creativity. The only prerequisites are patience and a vivid imagination.


MidJourney is free to use, with subscription plans starting at $8 per month (billed annually).

11) AutoDraw: Google’s AI-Powered Sketch Master

AutoDraw website


AutoDraw, a web-based AI drawing tool, is a brainchild of Google Creative Lab’s Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips. The platform’s mission is to democratize drawing, making it a swift, fun, and accessible activity for everyone. It assists users by blending machine learning with illustrations from talented artists to refine their doodles.

Key Features

AutoDraw’s offerings include:

  • AI-based Suggestion Tool: Get help on your sketches in real-time.
  • Basic Drawing Tools: Harness freehand drawing, color picker, shapes, fill, text, resize, zoom, and rotate tools.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: For swift and efficient navigation.
  • Download and Share Options: Share your art with the world, straight from the platform.


AutoDraw is free for all users to enjoy.


  • Completely free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accessible on any device


  • Not designed for collaboration
  • Lacks more sophisticated drawing features

12) Let’s Enhance: Revolutionizing Image Enhancement with AI

Let's Enhance website


Let’s Enhance, a top AI design tool, is an excellent option for those facing the challenge of acquiring high-quality image assets from clients. It employs artificial intelligence to quickly improve your images, enabling noise removal, sharpness enhancement for blurry images, and upscaling for use in print, real estate, and ecommerce.

Key Features

Let’s Enhance offers several powerful features:

  • Image Upscaling: Allows users to upscale images up to 16x the original size.
  • Image Enhancement: One-click presets to remove imperfections.
  • Text-to-Image: An in-built generator that creates images from text prompts.

With Let’s Enhance, users can leverage the robust image enhancement tool to enlarge images up to 16 times their original size while adjusting light, tone, and color settings.

Best Suited For

Let’s Enhance is a superb tool for designers or developers who often have to work with less than perfect images provided by clients. It offers pro plans at reasonable rates and is free for up to 10 image enhancements per month.


Let’s Enhance offers a free version and pro plans starting at $9 per month.

13) Looka Logo Maker: AI-Powered Logo Design

Looka Logo Maker website


Looka Logo Maker is an AI-driven tool that simplifies logo creation for your brand. Its intuitive setup wizard guides users through the process, suggesting pre-made logos and fine-tuning the software’s understanding of design preferences. Users can specify color preferences, catchy taglines, and choose from various symbols that best represent their business.

Key Features

Looka Logo Maker comes with an array of user-friendly features:

  • Logo Concepts: Offers a wide range of logo concepts to choose from.
  • Customization Options: Allows for color and font customization, as well as hundreds of icons to pick from.
  • Logo Editor: A user-friendly interface for making final design adjustments.

Once a concept is selected, Looka Logo Maker allows users to refine their designs by adjusting the layout, color palette, fonts, and symbols.

Best Suited For

Looka Logo Maker is an excellent choice for small business owners or creative individuals who find logo creation challenging. With Looka, users gain access to dozens of instantly generated logos, increasing the likelihood of finding a design that truly resonates.


Looka Logo Maker pricing starts at a one-time fee of $20.

14) Deep Art Effects: Your AI-Based Art Maestro

Deep Art Effects website


Deep Art Effects is an AI-driven image processing tool that can convert your designs into art masterpieces with just one click. This graphic design software boasts a selection of over 120 art styles and a global user base of over 2 million. It also prides itself on over 200 million created artworks and partnerships with notable companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Globus.

Key Features

Key features of Deep Art Effects include:

  • Automatic Cropping and Bokeh: Enhance your image aesthetics effortlessly.
  • Automatic Grayscale: Transform images with a classic monochrome touch.
  • Desktop Software and Mobile App Availability: Work on your designs wherever you are.
  • Generative Adversarial Networks: Leverage the power of advanced AI for art creation.
  • Intelligent Scaling: Resize images without quality loss.
  • Offline and German Data Protection: Work offline and benefit from stringent data protection laws.
  • Selective Render for Background and Foreground: Refine specific areas of your image.


Deep Art Effects offers flexible pricing options including a 1 Month Subscription at $9.90, a 3 Month Subscription at $25 ($8.33 per month), a 1 Year Subscription at $80 ($6.66 per month), and a One-Time Purchase option at $129.


  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • High responsiveness of customer support
  • Abundance of design variations


  • Image processing can be time-consuming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are AI design tools?

AI design tools are software that use artificial intelligence (AI) to help with various design tasks. These can range from generating text-to-image visuals, enhancing photos, creating logos, to providing pre-made design templates, among other functionalities.

2. Are AI design tools suitable for beginners?

Yes, most AI design tools are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making them suitable for beginners. They often feature intuitive interfaces and offer extensive support resources to guide users through their design journeys.

3. Can AI design tools replace human designers?

While AI design tools can automate certain tasks and improve efficiency, they currently cannot replace the creativity, perspective, and understanding of context that human designers bring to their work. Instead, these tools should be seen as aids that can help designers work faster and more effectively.

4. Are AI design tools expensive?

The cost of AI design tools varies widely, with many offering free versions or affordable subscription plans. Depending on the specific tool and the features it offers, pricing can range from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars for more advanced or professional-grade tools.

5. Can I use AI design tools for commercial purposes?

In most cases, you can use the images generated by these tools for commercial purposes. However, this depends on the specific tool and its terms of service. Some tools may restrict commercial use or require a specific license or subscription level for commercial rights. Always check the tool’s usage rights before using its output for commercial projects.

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