7 Best AI Legal Tools for 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly revolutionised the legal landscape, transforming the way legal professionals work and providing significant relief from the daunting mounds of paperwork. By automating routine tasks, attorneys can focus on more critical areas, such as client interactions.

Whether you’re immersed in a law firm, involved in any legal work, seeking to initiate legal proceedings, or looking to end an app subscription, AI legal tools can simplify your journey.

For an in-depth look at how these innovative tools can transform your legal process, take a peek at our guide on generative AI for the legal domain.

Exploring the Top AI Legal Tools

The legal industry, known for its lengthy and repetitive tasks, has found an ally in AI. For lawyers, time is an invaluable asset and should be managed judiciously and tactically.

Legal experts often find themselves caught up in a web of administrative chores, from drafting motions and processing billing to marketing and reviewing documents.

The legal environment is rigid, raising concerns about the accuracy of entrusting significant work to an AI system. Rest assured, however, that AI technology has matured significantly, continually evolving to improve its performance.

AI legal tools lean heavily on human intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver accurate results. They also offer references to pertinent and trustworthy sources for clients to verify independently.

Much like its counterparts in other sectors, AI in the legal field encompasses a myriad of features. Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing your AI legal assistant:

  • Drafting Documents: Known for its prowess in text generation, AI can streamline time-consuming tasks like document drafting in legal fields. To save time and cost, AI legal tools can draft legal documents in mere minutes, providing relevant information that would otherwise take hours to research.
  • Resources: Automation of complex legal documents, such as statutes, regulations, trial court records, motions, and intellectual property rights claims, should be backed by extensive, credible resources like collections, libraries, blogs, case studies, and more.
  • Analytics: Access real-time analytics on relevant legal data to enhance strategies with data-driven insights. AI legal tools can be invaluable to law firms, courts, judges, lawyers, and case studies across a vast range of legal practice fields, eliminating the need for traditional data science methods.
  • Legal Research: Legal research is a fundamental requirement for nearly all cases and is key to advancing the legal process. Automated legal research enables lawyers to collect information rapidly and generate relevant questions for the case at hand.
  • Document Review: Some AI legal tools offer a document review feature, often specialising in contract review automation. This feature helps identify any errors that might slip past a human review, while also strengthening claims with related legal citations.
  • Human Expertise: AI still needs the human touch to deliver accurate and credible results. AI legal tools that leverage the expertise of legal professionals to enhance or refine collected data can provide results as effective as those obtained from human lawyers.
  • Workflow Integration: Improve team collaboration and management by integrating AI tools into your existing workflows. Compatibility with your current tech stack, applications, and devices can simplify processes and reduce the need for multiple documents and emails.
  • Mobile App: AI legal tools may also be available as mobile applications, allowing you to carry AI capabilities right in your pocket. Users can access the same features on their smartphones or tablets as they would on their desktops.
  • Customer Service: Most AI legal tools require customers to schedule a demo or discussion with a representative to understand the client’s needs and how the tool can address them. Providing customer support is crucial for these companies to demonstrate accountability and continually enhance their legal tech solutions.

With these features in mind, let’s delve into our list of the top AI legal tools, exploring their features, pricing, and how they might meet your needs.

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7 Best AI Legal Tools for 2023:

CSDisco: Your Top Choice for Automating Legal Processes


CSDisco is a cutting-edge AI legal tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and cloud technology to streamline legal procedures and generate superior results for businesses, law firms, educational institutions, and other entities.

It empowers clients to advance their careers, engage in investor relations, manage pro bono cases, and stay updated on company news. Furthermore, CSDisco provides clients with comprehensive legal resources, from insightful videos to in-depth white papers.

Key Features

  • Request Management: Handle all legal requests from one unified system.
  • Hold: Self-serve legal hold solution tailored for contemporary enterprises.
  • Ediscovery: Cecilia, an AI chatbot, provides evidence-based responses to case-related queries with references to documents in the DISCO Ediscovery database.
  • Review: AI-driven document review, assured to meet time and budget constraints.
  • Case Builder: Collaborative deposition review on a cloud platform.
  • Professional Services: Access to a robust team of industry-leading experts who can support customers with their case requirements.
  • Partner Program: Ideal for e-discovery service providers looking for a tech partner to enhance their services.
  • Resources: Access to CSDisco blogs, libraries, and its university for industry insights, professional development, case studies, legal tech skills, certificates, news, and more.


To discover CSDisco’s pricing plans, customers are required to book a demo or contact CSDisco directly for an immediate subscription.

Final Thoughts

CSDisco is a comprehensive solution for legal professionals and students from corporations, law firms, and educational institutions seeking to automate their legal procedures efficiently and securely. Experience CSDisco for yourself by scheduling a free demo today.

Lex Machina: The Best-in-Class Solution for Legal Analytics


Lex Machina is an AI-powered legal assistant that provides a robust legal analytics platform via a subscription model. This AI tool enables customers to devise successful strategies, win cases, and secure business deals.

By gathering data from various legal parties every 24 hours, Lex Machina cleans, codes, and tags all data using its unique Lexpression technology. This proprietary system uses natural language processing and machine learning software to ensure efficient automation of various legal processes.

Key Features

  • Lexpressions: Processes millions of raw data records, extracting structured, consistent information about all litigation aspects.
  • Attorney Data Engine: Fills in missing counsel data to produce accurate records.
  • Human Expert Review: Legal experts refine and annotate data, generating high-value insights that machines can’t process.
  • Case List Analyzer: Identify similar cases with practice-specific filters and tags, to help generate beneficial legal outcomes.
  • Custom Insights: Obtain personalized insight from judges & courts, law firms & attorneys, and other parties.
  • Outcome Analytics: Understand case resolutions, damages, findings, and remedies to gain a better understanding of cases.
  • Timing Analytics: Provides the timeline for crucial litigation milestones, aiding in budget management and setting client expectations.
  • Motion Metrics: Compare detailed motion chains and outcomes to devise a winning motion strategy.


To access Lex Machina’s pricing plan, customers need to book a demo or contact Lex Machina directly for an immediate subscription.

Final Thoughts

Lex Machina is a perfect solution for large law firms and corporations. It enables customers to reduce litigation risk, enhance effectiveness, predict legal expenses, and identify and hire the best talent (both in-house and outside counsel).

With the Enterprise Package, customers gain access to Lex Machina’s entire functionality, including new capabilities they introduce in the future.

Lawgeex: Top Choice for Streamlining Contract Review Process


Lawgeex is an AI-fueled legal tool that accelerates and streamlines legal tasks, including the redlining and review processes of contracts. It is well-regarded for its cutting-edge technology that reviews and redlines legal documents according to user-specific policies.

By leveraging machine learning, it provides a secure algorithm to handle contracts and negotiations, saving users up to 80% of their time in reviewing and approving contracts.

Furthermore, it reduces costs by 90% compared to traditional methods and expedites deal closures by three times.

Key Features

  • Platform: Lawgeex scrutinizes and redlines contracts based on the user’s predefined policies, improving speed and precision
  • Security: The tool offers robust data protection, implementing strict measures to safeguard sensitive information
  • Analytics: Facilitates data-driven decisions regarding users’ legal policies and streamlines the negotiation process
  • Artificial Intelligence: Boasting a top-notch AI system, it achieves 94% accuracy compared to 84% by lawyers while saving 90% in costs and 80% in time
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing tech stack
  • Customer Service: Offers round-the-clock live representatives, email/help desk, chat, and phone support


To obtain a price plan from Lawgeex, customers are encouraged to begin with a demo or contact Lawgeex directly for immediate subscription options.

Final Thoughts

Lawgeex is an excellent AI legal assistant suitable for businesses of all scales, and even freelancers find it user-friendly. Learn to navigate this AI tool with the aid of its diverse training options including in-person sessions, documentation, live online interaction, video tutorials, and webinars.

DoNotPay (Robot Lawyer): Top Pick for Drafting Legal Claims


DoNotPay, a leading legal technology firm, boasts the first robot lawyer, making it one of the most versatile AI legal assistants available. This AI-driven tool can create a wide array of corporate and legal documents, ranging from parking ticket appeals in any city to trademark registrations.

With DoNotPay, users can stand up to corporations, navigate bureaucracy, unearth hidden funds, sue any entity, or automatically cancel their free trials. It offers a multitude of legal products aimed at saving time and money.

Key Features

  • Draft Legal Documents: Enables users to generate intricate legal documents, including banking and finance documentation, contract review processes, state trial court data, defense attorney fees, and the formatting of legal citations, among others.
  • Protect Your Money: Provides up-to-date information on burner phones, airline flight compensation hacks, virtual credit cards, ways to enjoy free trials without incurring charges, insurance claims, and warranty claims.
  • Find Hidden Money: Helps to reduce property taxes, obtain college fee waivers, find and apply for scholarships, receive gift card cash back, draft financial aid appeal letters, and more.
  • Fight Spam: Allows users to combat email and text spam and enforce robocall compensation.
  • Beat Bureaucracy: Assists in contacting government agencies, embassies, and consulates, securing compensation for crime victims, notarizing documents, enforcing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and more.


For a pricing plan from DoNotPay, customers must create an account or log into an existing account on their website.

Final Thoughts

DoNotPay is ideally suited for individual clients in need of legal assistance. This AI-powered lawyer excels in a broad array of fields, including claim filing, complaints, and legal hacks. Start a free trial of DoNotPay today by simply creating an account.

Ansarada: Ideal for Merging Legal and Business Processes


Ansarada is a top-tier virtual data room platform renowned for its intuitive interface. It consolidates all your processes in one streamlined platform.

This SaaS solution is trusted by businesses, advisors, and governments worldwide for secure management of essential information, workflow, and collaboration in critical high-stakes processes like deals, risk management, compliance, transaction management, board governance, and procurement.

Ansarada boasts of the world’s most secure data room, equipped with over 110 controls. This allows tracking changes and limiting access, even for documents outside the data room.

Key Features

  • Virtual Data Room: Offers mobile-friendly designs, top-tier security features, flexible SaaS pricing, AI-powered insights, deal workflow project management, robust collaborations, and more
  • Security and Compliance Program: Allows control over client information, enabling sharing from a centralized secure file repository
  • Capital & Debt: Review and Management: Facilitates the review of forecasts, capital, debt, and operational efficiency, empowering decision-making for the best actions
  • Procurement Lifecycle Management: The only software solution specifically designed to manage large, complex, high-value procurement
  • Deal Preparation: An OS solution that enables on-demand delivery, driving stronger outcomes through every stage of a client’s business and investment lifecycles
  • Customer Success and Help Centre: Offers a dedicated customer success manager, customized setup, and localized support available 24/7/365
  • Workflow and Notifications: A project management tool for advisors to digitize their workstreams across full deal lifecycles
  • AI Insights and Automation: Leverages AI to predict winning bidders with 97% accuracy
  • Redaction: Offers bulk AI-powered redaction for easy disclosure of client’s data


For a standard subscription, pricing begins at $399 per month for a one-year subscription, and $240 for a month-to-month subscription.

For Pro Subscription, pricing starts at $86 per month for a one-year subscription, and $143 for a month-to-month subscription.

Final Thoughts

Ansarada caters well to legal practitioners, M&A advisors, and procurement advisors, as well as board management, private equity, risk & compliance teams, investment bankers, C-suite executives, and businesses of all sizes.

It is among the best AI legal assistant tools for legal professionals working in both business and legal services. Start with a free trial of Ansarada today.

Latch: Top Choice for Contract Management


Latch is an AI-powered contracting assistant, utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. It guarantees client data privacy by not using data processed via OpenAI’s API for service enhancements.

Furthermore, first and third-party contract details are not saved but are merely used to maintain playbooks. Latch simplifies legal procedures by creating redline suggestions, modifying clauses, and evaluating their compliance with market standards, among other features.

Latch can be conveniently used as a Microsoft Word Add-In, directly within the Microsoft application.

Key Features

  • Generate Suggestions: Offers suggestions on modifying counterparty language based on the client’s standard position. Users can toggle suggestions to accept and generate redlines.
  • Modify Clauses: Generates automatic redlines, allowing users to insert them directly into the document.
  • Ask Questions: Facilitates queries about your agreement. Users can ask everything from detailed, specific questions to broader, open-ended inquiries.
  • Checklists: Enables the creation of simple, plain-language checklists for every scenario. Analyze agreements to check for compliance with your checklists. Users can use sources to navigate directly to the relevant passage in the agreement.
  • Custom Features: Includes performance visualization, model tracking, spin-up training clusters, production deployment, and tuning hyperparameters.


To obtain a pricing plan from Latch, customers are advised to start with a demo.

Final Thoughts

Latch is among the best AI legal assistant tools for forward-thinking companies that prioritize secure data privacy tools and conditions. Legal teams can streamline their operations effortlessly using its cloud-based tools, focusing on contracting through an innovative AI-aided approach.

One Law AI: Top Choice for AI-Driven Legal Communication


One Law stands out among AI legal assistant tools for its cutting-edge AI communication capabilities. The software features Amelia, a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence that users can interact with through voice, text, email, and chat for various legal inquiries.

Being the most comprehensive and human-like AI platform in the industry, Amelia dynamically navigates business process flows and operates in 40 languages. A glimpse into the interaction with Amelia is available on the One Law AI website.

Key Features

  • Case Manager Assistant: Enables users to ask a wide range of questions covering legal matters, human resources, IT support, case management, updates on medical providers’ contact information, and more.
  • Case Manager Voice: Besides texts and emails, users can make outbound calls. The call transcript is then emailed and can be automatically integrated into the user’s CRM system.
  • Medical Provider/Funding Portal: This feature automatically pulls data from CRM databases and places it into the Medical Provider Portal, providing third parties with a tool for accessing updated information that legal departments wish to share.
  • Client Portal: Collects real-time information from the user’s CRM system, making it easier for clients to access their cases.
  • Mobile App: Available for download on Apple and Android devices, the app includes the Amelia toolset, which aids users with a range of features from gathering data about traffic accidents to weather forecasts.


For a pricing plan from One Law, customers are required to arrange a meeting with a representative.

Final Thoughts

One Law serves as a testament to the potential of innovation in the legal sector. Legal professionals, law firms, businesses, and organizations of all sizes can leverage Amelia, one of the top AI legal assistants, for note-taking, up-to-date information provision, legal analysis, and more, relevant to the legal industry.

Understanding AI Legal Tools

AI legal tools are sophisticated software solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to address legal needs. These high-tech legal assistants automate an array of legal tasks, including contract review and analysis, document examination, legal research, claim drafting, legal analytics, refining legal writing styles and tone, and much more. The automation brought about by these services offers quicker, more precise, and cost-effective results.

Which is the Best AI for Drafting Legal Documents?

Amto reigns supreme as the finest AI tool for drafting legal documents. It’s capable of generating clauses, revising content, summarizing key points, resolving missing elements, and managing negotiations within mere minutes.

Furthermore, it provides contextual suggestions, avoids potentially problematic language, and zeroes in on high-impact matters 5x quicker than competing AI legal writing tools. Users can conveniently employ Amto on their preferred applications like MS Word and Outlook, drastically reducing time spent on drafting.

Which AI is Preferred for Reading Legal Documents?

Legal professionals often resort to AI legal tools such as Westlaw Edge, Ghostwriter Legal, and Lex Machina, built with a prime focus on managing copious legal documents.

These AI legal aides come with a suite of features that augment the user’s reading experience, such as quick checks, legal research and writing tools, policy comparisons, multilingual outputs, and human expert reviews.

Can AI Draft Legal Documents?

Yes, AI can proficiently and accurately draft legal documents. The legal sector employs AI chatbots similar to ChatGPT to generate and draft legal documents.

By scrutinizing the user-provided database and extracting relevant data about its structure, functions, and policies, natural language processing techniques can translate the gathered data into comprehensive text that can be employed in legal practices.

Can AI Conduct Legal Research?

Absolutely, today’s AI is equipped with the necessary tools to conduct reliable and pertinent legal research, assisting legal professionals. One of the finest AI legal software for legal research is Westlaw Edge.

It offers research features like statutes and regulation comparisons, jurisdictional surveys, litigation analytics, legal content, and editorial enhancements, all fortified with human expertise.

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