13 Best AI Transcription Software in 2023

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If you’ve ever found yourself drowning in hours of audio files that need transcribing, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of AI transcription software. We’ll explore some of the best tools available in 2023, and trust me, these are game-changers. Let’s get started!

Why You Need AI Transcription Software

Before we jump into the list, let’s talk about why AI transcription software is a must-have in your tech toolbox. In a nutshell, AI transcription software automatically records a conversation and converts it into text. This eliminates the need to manually listen to the recording at a slower speed to transcribe the conversation word for word.

Not only does it save you time, but it also makes your content more accessible. For instance, customers with hearing impairments can now follow and keep up with your podcast or YouTube channel. Plus, it can help with the content creation process by making it easier to find quotes to reinforce your points.

Whether you’re looking start a side hustle, save time or make your content more accessible, AI transcription tools are the way to go.

Top AI Transcription Software to Consider

Fireflies: The Intelligent Meeting Assistant


Fireflies is a fantastic alternative to Otter, trusted by over 60,000 businesses, including big names in the travel and transportation industries like Delta, Uber, and Expedia.

Key Features

Fireflies stands out with its ability to record, transcribe, and search voice conversations, automating your meeting note-taking. It takes it a step further by including conversation intelligence, tracking key metrics to improve overall meeting efficiency. Plus, it can automatically create tasks in popular tools like Monday.com, Trello, and Asana.

Otter: The Award-Winning App


Otter is an award-winning voice-first app that’s perfect for conversations and meetings. It’s a great tool for team collaboration, integrating with platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Key Features

Otter’s AI-powered note-taking features allow you to remember, search, and share voice conversations. It also offers real-time captions, meeting analytics, speaker identification by name, editable time codes, and various playback speeds.

Rev.com: The Global Leader


Rev.com is a global leader in speech-to-text services, trusted by over 750,000 users, including big names like Home Depot and Haas.

Key Features

Rev.com is unique because it combines the power of AI with a network of thousands of freelancers. This means you can choose between an automated transcription service or a professional transcriptionist. The AI-generated transcripts are over 90% accurate and take only 5 minutes to complete.

Sonix: The Multilingual Powerhouse


Sonix is a favorite among a wide range of industries, from educational institutions like Stanford University to multinational retailers such as Sephora.

Key Features

Sonix offers automated transcription in over 35 languages. Its software is powered by state-of-the-art AI and includes features like word-by-word timestamps, automatic speaker identification and labeling, and text exports into several formats.

Audext: The Ukrainian SaaS Solution


Audext is a Ukrainian SaaS company that offers a simple but effective solution for various professionals, from journalists to managers to lawyers.

Key Features

Audext combines an automated transcription service with an editing tool to analyze audio recordings. It supports more than 60 languages and can deliver a transcript in about 10 minutes for an hour of audio.

Scribie: The Budget-Friendly Option


Scribie, trusted by names like Netflix, Google, and Airbnb, offers a deep learning-based speech and language model to power their automated transcription service.

Key Features

Scribie is a strong solution if you are looking save money rather than time. It is less than half the price of a tool like Rev, but you’ll need to do some self-corrections as the accuracy ranges from 80% to 95%. However, it has a useful accuracy estimate feature, and the more corrections users make, the better the service gets.

Verbit: The Business-Focused Tool


Verbit’s transcription service has been created with businesses in mind. It offers professional-grade accuracy and seamless integrations with platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Zoom.

Key Features

Verbit uses a combination of human intelligence and AI to deliver its transcription service. Its in-house automatic speech recognition (ASR) machine creates a draft that a professional human transcriber will first check. In addition to transcription, Verbit can also help with live captioning, closed captioning, and translation.

Beey: The Slavic Language Specialist


Beey is an online app that automatically transcribes speech. It’s mostly used by journalists, video creators, and lecturers. While it primarily focuses on Slavic languages, it can recognize speech in 20 languages.

Key Features

Beey stands out with its manual editing service. After the app automatically transcribes your text, one of their professional editors can check it. Other key features include multiple file upload, smart playback functions, automatic time alignment, and automatic speaker change detection.

Speak: The No-Code Engine


Speak is a no-code solution for recording, transcribing, and analysing data. Many businesses utilise it to effortlessly transform their audio and video files into written text.

Key Features

Speak sets itself apart with its built-in recorder that allows you to record audio directly in the app. It also offers a systemwide find and replace feature for editing transcripts, a shareable library for saving all your transcripts, and customizable charts for data visualization.

Trint: The Collaborative Content Platform


Trint views itself as more than just a tool for transcription. It’s a collaborative content platform that saves content teams 400 hours each month on average.

Key Features

Trint can transcribe content into 32 languages and includes intuitive tools such as comments, tags, and highlights to streamline teamwork. It also offers advanced file management and automatic speaker identification.

TranscribeMe: The Fast and Affordable Option


In addition to transcribing humans, TranscribeMe offers machine transcription. It does so using complex computer-generated speech recognition algorithms and can transcribe audio within a minute.

Key Features

TranscribeMe delivers intelligent verbatim transcripts, removing non-verbal fillers like “uh”. However, it doesn’t include speaker identification, so we would recommend against recordings with multiple speakers.

Temi: The Quick and Easy Solution


Temi’s advanced speech recognition software is utilised by over 10,000 users, including established brands like ESPN. It can transcribe speech to text in just five minutes.

Key Features

Temi stands out with its ease of use. You simply upload your file, wait for Temi to work its magic, and then review your transcripts. It includes speakers and timestamps, making the review process a breeze. Plus, if the audio file is shorter than 45 minutes, you can even get it transcribed for free!

MeetGeek: The AI Meeting Assistant


MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant trusted by over 2,000 teams globally, including the likes of Nike and Keap.

Key Features

MeetGeek automatically records videos, transcribes them, and shares important insights. This means you can focus attention on your meeting. The transcription takes around 10 minutes to complete (slightly longer than most competitors.

Wrapping Things Up

This is your curated list of top-notch AI transcription software to consider in 2023. A good number of these tools offer free trials or plans, so we highly recommend giving a few a spin to find the one that aligns best with your requirements. Keep in mind, the quality of your audio recording can significantly influence the end product. So, if you’re planning to invest in a premium service, make sure you nail the recording process from the get-go.

If there’s one golden nugget of wisdom we’d like you to take away from this article, it’s this: steer clear of manual transcription. It’s a task best left to the machines. Take our word for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI transcription?

AI transcription involves leveraging machine learning algorithms to transform verbal communication into written form. It serves as an invaluable asset for individuals seeking to economise time and resources during the transcription of audio files.

What is the cheapest AI transcription software?

The cheapest AI transcription software is TranscribeMe, which charges $0.07 per audio minute. However, many tools offer free trials or free plans, so it’s worth exploring your options.

How accurate is AI transcription?

Generally speaking, AI transcription tools can achieve an accuracy level of 90 to 95%. However, accuracy depends on factors such as the quality of the recording, background noise, and accents.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more tech insights and guides. Until next time, keep exploring and innovating!

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