Quillbot Review: Popular AI Paraphrasing Tool

Quillbot is a versatile AI-powered writing tool that pledges to transform your writing into professional-grade content. It’s more than just a paraphrasing tool; it’s a well-rounded platform that offers a wide array of features such as:

AI TechnologyGPT-3
Supported Languages22
Educational ResourcesAvailable
Long Document EditingSupported
SEO ToolsNot Available
Art GenerationNot Supported
Text SummarizationAvailable
Plagiarism DetectionAvailable
Chrome ExtensionAvailable
API/WebhooksNot Available
Free TrialAvailable
Pricing StructureSubscription-Based (Monthly)

Quillbot is designed to cater to a diverse audience, from students who can leverage the platform’s various writing tools, to professional writers who can benefit from the co-writing feature and the ability to summarize large amounts of text.

Essentially, Quillbot is for anyone looking to improve their writing process, enhance content quality, and streamline tasks.

A Closer Look at Quillbot

Quillbot is a robust writing assistant that leverages AI technology to help writers refine their skills. It offers a variety of tools that cater to writers from different fields – students, professionals, content creators, and researchers.

One of Quillbot’s core features is its paraphrasing capabilities. By utilizing sophisticated algorithms, Quillbot effectively rephrases input text while preserving the sentence or paragraph’s original meaning. This allows writers to enhance the readability of their content and express ideas in their own words.

Unlike other AI writing tools like ChatGPT or Copy.ai, Quillbot’s tools, such as grammar correction and paraphrasing, are meant to assist users in improving their writing.

Quillbot does not classify their services as ‘AI writing’ and encourages users to utilize its feedback and suggestions to create original content that reflects their own ideas. However, it does offer a Co-write feature, a long-form document editor offering various AI-powered writing prompts.

Quillbot’s Strengths

Quillbot excels as a versatile and reliable writing tool, offering a range of features that enhance the writing process and elevate the quality of content. Quillbot does a fantastic job in helping writers refine and polish their work.

The platform’s user-friendly interface contributes to a seamless writing experience, making it accessible and easy to navigate for writers of all levels.

Paraphrasing with Quillbot

Quillbot’s Paraphrasing tool allows writers to rephrase sentences or paragraphs while maintaining the core meaning of the original text. This tool is particularly useful for students and new writers.

The Paraphrasing tool rewrites ideas and generates alternative versions of the user-provided text, adding variety to your writing. You can choose between ‘Fewer Changes’ and ‘More Changes’.

Grammar Checker

The Quillbot Grammar Checker ensures your content is free from grammatical errors and inconsistencies. It underlines potential grammar mistakes in red, making it easy to identify and correct them. This feature helps writers save time and boosts overall productivity.


Quillbot’s Summarizer tool helps writers and researchers quickly grasp the key points of lengthy texts or articles. This powerful feature condenses extensive content into concise summaries, providing a brief overview ideal for skimming through multiple articles or gaining a quick understanding of the main ideas.

Long-Form Document Editor

Quillbot offers a feature-rich long-form document editor. This comprehensive editor offers additional functionalities that empower writers to conduct research, organize their thoughts, and ensure proper citation in a single integrated platform.


Quillbot’s Flares is a beneficial tool that empowers writers to produce engaging and thought-provoking content on the fly.This feature serves as a catalyst for creativity, offering a diverse range of prompts and suggestions that stimulate the imagination and encourage unique perspectives.


Quillbot offers an in-platform research tool, which streamlines the process of gathering information and resources for writers. With Quillbot’s Research tool, you can simply input a topic of interest, and the tool promptly scours the web to retrieve relevant studies, articles, and resources.


Quillbot’s Notes tool allows writers to brainstorm and brain-dump in one place. Found on the right-hand side of the editor, the Notes feature provides a dedicated space to jot down ideas, outline thoughts, and store important references.


Citing sources accurately is a crucial aspect of any well-researched piece of writing. Quillbot simplifies the citation process with its Citations feature. Users have the flexibility to choose from various citation styles and formats, greatly reducing any headache associated with compliance to specific guidelines or academic requirements in your work.

Areas for Improvement in Quillbot

While Quillbot offers a robust set of features, there are a few areas that could be enhanced:

  • Plagiarism Checker: Offering a limited free version would benefit users unable to invest in a paid plan.
  • API/Webhooks: Providing API/Webhooks would allow developers to integrate Quillbot’s features into their own applications.
  • SEO Tools: Incorporating SEO tools would be valuable for content creators and digital marketers.
  • Art Generation: Adding art generation could benefit users creating content for social media or digital platforms.

Pricing Model

Quillbot offers two distinct plans to cater to the different needs of its users.

Basic Plan:

This plan is free and provides a range of essential features, making it an accessible option for those seeking basic writing assistance. The features included in the Basic plan are:

  • Paraphrasing tool with limited word count
  • Basic grammar check
  • Limited use of the Summarizer tool
  • Access to the long-form editor with limited features
  • It’s important to note that the Basic plan does not include the Plagiarism Checker.

Premium Plan:

For those seeking enhanced features and unlimited access, Quillbot’s Premium plan offers a broader range of tools. The Premium plan offers flexibility with two subscription options:

  • Monthly subscription at $19.95 per month
  • Annual subscription at $8.33 per month (billed annually)

The Premium plan includes:

  • Unlimited use of the paraphrasing tool
  • Advanced grammar check
  • Unlimited use of the Summarizer tool
  • Access to the long-form editor with all features
  • Access to the Plagiarism Checker

By offering these two plans, Quillbot ensures that it caters to a wide range of users, from those who need occasional writing assistance to those who require a comprehensive writing tool for daily use.

Concluding Thoughts

Quillbot is a powerful writing assistant that harnesses the potential of AI technology to help users refine their writing, improve efficiency, and boost creativity. Its strength lies in its ability to provide users with a wide range of writing tools to enhance their productivity and improve the quality of their content.

However, Quillbot may be less suited for those seeking a fully automated writing solution or those who require highly specialized content tailored to specific domains or industries.

In conclusion, Quillbot is an excellent tool for a wide range of users. It empowers writers with its AI-powered writing assistance and array of features. Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or someone who simply wants to improve their writing, Quillbot has something to offer.

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